mind blowing mango parantha

  • mind blowing mango parantha
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    Author : Shashi Jain


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    perfect for summer time.


    4 Raw Mangoes
    200 gms Flour
    Salt to taste
    5 gms Cumin Seeds
    5 gms Carom Seeds
    3 gms Asafoetida
    5 gms Green Chili paste
    2 gms Turmeric Powder
    1 tbsp Coriander Leaves, Chopped
    3 gms Garam Masala
    Oil for frying


    Mix all the spices together.

    Peel the Mangoes and remove the pulp.

    Add all the spices to it and mix well.

    Pound the flour with water and 1 tsp of Oil to prepare the dough.

    Take a portion of this dough and stuff it with the Mango mixture.

    Cook it on a slow flame while adding Oil in between.

    Serve with Pickle and Curd.

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