sesame vegetable challe

  • sesame vegetable challe
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    Author : Shashi Jain


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    no one can eat just one..!! calorie content: 60 cal. Serves:6 persons.


    one big potato boiled and crushed.
    one small onion diced.
    1 carrot diced.
    1 capsicum chopped.
    1 tsp soy sauce.
    2 tsp. tomato sauce.
    1 tsp. black pepper.
    1/4Th tsp. red chilly powder.
    salt to taste.
    2 tsp sesame for dressing.


    add 1/4th cup water in a non stick pan and add the diced onion. boil till the onion gets soft and then add capsicum and carrot. boil for 2 minutes. take away from heat and add all remaining ingredients. again boil for 2 minutes. cut the bread into round pieces. spread the mixture on the bread and sprinkle the sesame on top. now grill the bread in a microwave for 8 minutes in 180* C till golden brown. serve hot with tomato ketchup.

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