Stuffed Potato Rings

  • Stuffed Potato Rings
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    These rings are perfect combination of potatoes and peas. Looks great and taste which yoy will always love and quick to make.


    Ingredients for rings
    2 large potatoes,
    Oil for frying

    Ingredients for stuffing:
    12 cup boiled peas (mashed),
    1 tsp ginger (grated),
    2 tsp green chilli (finely chopped),
    12 tsp cumin seeds,
    12 tsp garam masala,
    1 tsp oil,
    Salt to taste


    Boiled the potatoes and remove the skin. Cut into slices.
    Scrape out the center using knife or cup.
    Heat oil in a pan. Deep-fry the potatoes rings. they are tender and golden.
    If they are tender and golden turn off the flame and keep a aside.
    For stuffing, heat oil in a pan and fry the cumin seeds. Add green chilli and ginger.
    Then add peas, garam masala and salt to taste.
    Mix well, cook for one minute and cool the mixture.
    Fill this peas mixture in fried potato ring.
    Roast it on tawa or back in an oven till the slices are crisp and golden.
    Decorate with tomato sauce and serve hot.

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    • Janet Janet (19 Sep, 2011)
      Looks really nice and very easy to make..My kid loved it..

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