Karanji-Diwali Delicacy

  • Karanji-Diwali Delicacy
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    These taste yummy and with the Diwali festival just around the corner, you could make these. They are easy to make and look delicious too.


    For Dough
    1 cup All Purpose Flour / Maida
    1/4 cup Sooji / Rawa
    2 tsp Oil
    1/2 cup warm Milk
    pinch of Salt

    -For Filling
    1tsp Poppy Seeds / KhasKhas
    1 tsp Sooji / Rawa
    1 cup Dry Grated Coconut
    1 cup Powdered Sugar
    1/4 tsp Cardamom powder
    mixed Nuts

    2 tsp Rice Flour
    2 tsp Ghee
    Oil for frying


    1) Heat up 2 tsp oil. Mix all purpose flour, sooji, salt in to a bowl and pur hot oil over it. Mix well till the time mixture becomes crumbly. 2) Pour warm milk slowly to make medium consistency dough, not too hard and too soft. 3) Cover and keep the dough for 30 mts. 1) Dry roast sooji and poppy seeds separately till the time they get light brown color. 2) Add coconut to dry roasted sooji and poppy seeds, add sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruits and mix well. To make Karanji 1) Take the dough and again knead to make it smooth. Divide dough in to 3 equal parts. Roll them in to three thin roti. 2) Mix rice flour and ghee to make it smooth and creamy. 3) Now take one thin roti, spread rice flour mixture evenly on it, place another roti on the top of it, again spread rice flour mixture. 4) Now place third roti, roll it evenly from all the sides to make it little thin. Again spread some ricr flour mixture. 5) Now start to roll these three rotis together likr Swiss Roll. 6) Stretch it out little bit, now divide it in to equal parts. 7) Take ball and roll like poori, add stuffing, apply milk around its edges and seal the karani well. 8) Use fork and make some design around karanji. 9) Now deep fry till the time it gets nice golden color.

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    • Anita Anita (13 Oct, 2011)
      Perfect for Diwali snacks.. Thanks

    • Reena Reena (12 Oct, 2011)
      Hi, Meghana i tired this and came out really nice, as u said looks also nice..thanx perfect for Diwali time..

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