Watermelon Pancake

  • Watermelon Pancake
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    Watermelon is famous as a summer fruit for its high water content. I used Watermelon to flavour up the usual pancakes that we make for breakfast. Crisp and tasty watermelon pancakes served as a tasty breakfast..


    1/2 kg Watermelon pieces (seedless)
    1/2 cup Plain Flour
    1 Egg
    4-5 tbsp Powdered Sugar
    2 tbsp Milk


    Blend the watermelon pieces to juice
    Put flour in a bowl, add sugar, egg (discard the yolk), watermelon juice and milk; mix well
    Add more milk if required to make the batter consistent and as like normal pancake batter
    Put oil/butter on hot girdle and pour spoonful of batter over it
    Spread the batter in circular pattern to form thin pancakes
    Put oil on sides/corners to make them crispy
    When cooked on one side, flip and cook on other side.
    Serve hot with a cuppa of tea!

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