Kothimbir Vadi

  • Kothimbir Vadi
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    These lovely, scrumptous appetisers can be cooked in a jiffy. Its a traditional India starter mostly eaten in the Western part of the country.


    Fresh coriander leaves,chopped 2 cups
    •Green chillies,chopped as per hotness required
    •Gram flour (besan) 1 cup
    •Yogurt 2 tablespoons
    •Salt to taste, soda bicarbonate -one pinch
    •Turmeric powder 1 tspn
    •Jaggery (gur),grated 1 1/2 tspn-optional
    •Oil 2 tspn
    •Sesame seeds (preferrably black) 1/2 tspn
    •Asafoetida a pinch
    •Mustard seeds 1/2 tspn


    Heat four cups water in a steamer. Mix together the coriander leaves, green chillies, gram flour, yogurt, salt, turmeric powder,soda in a bowl. Add sufficient water to make a thick batter, ensuring that the consistency is not too thin. Adjust salt. Pour the batter into a greased plate that is at least one and half inches deep . Place it in the steamer and steam on high heat for fifteen to twenty minutes or till firm and cooked. Check by inserting a skewer into the wadi and if it comes out clean, then it is cooked. Remove, cool and cut into one-inch diamonds. Heat the oil in a small non stick pan and add the sesame seeds, asafoetida and mustard seeds. When they splutter add the wadi and fresh coconut if preferred. Toss well. Serve immediately.

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